It’s Real. It’s Really Really Real.

It’s Real. It’s Really Really Real.

Yesterday I went into Manhattan (a rare occurrence these days) to return the copyedited manuscript of Parents Need to Eat Too: Naptime Cooking, One-Handed Meals & Time-Saving Kitchen Tricks for New Parents to Amy, my editor. The next time I see it, the pages will be laid out like, y’know, an actual book, which is exciting enough all by itself. But even more exciting was the little gift Amy gave me: a high-quality printout of the book’s cover, mounted on black board. Suitable for framing, my friends.

Isn’t it just gorgeous? It’s not 100% perfect yet—we’re still discussing what food should be on the plate—but conceptually and looks-wise it’s spot-on. I LOVE IT. I hope you do, too. (And before you ask, no that’s not me on the cover. I’m a bit, um, older than that lovely young woman. And, um, less genetically blessed. This is me, on a very good day.)

The other huge, huge, huge news is that the book’s already available for pre-order! Click here to reserve your copy on Amazon,here for Barnes and Noble. I’m told it’ll also be up on Indiebound soon, but it’s not there just yet. As of now the retail price is $16.99, but since it’s turning out to be a bit of a doorstopper (which is a good thing! It’s bursting with recipes and information!) that may change.

I’d be honored and thrilled and just beside myself with joy if you’d click through and place an order. I’m sure this is only the first time I’ll be asking for your support—it’ll happen more frequently as we get closer to publication, early next year—but I’ll try to keep the shilling to a minimum.

Thank you so much, dear readers. This cookbook wouldn’t exist without you.