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Welcome to Parents Need to Eat Too {Giveaway!}

photo by the fabulous Daphne Youree

Things look a little different around here, don’t they?

After seven years of blogging at Words to Eat By, the time has come for a little reinvention—not of myself, since I’ve been changing and evolving all this time. Of the blog. See, when I started Words to Eat By I was a publishing-industry burnout turned aspiring food writer, newly married and just starting to try for a baby (in fact, I’d already had a miscarriage, though I didn’t share that then). My first tagline announced what I intended the blog to be: Thoughts on Food, Writing, and Everything Else.

But time did what it always does: It changed things. Me, mostly, going from an aspiring food writer to a real-live one, from an aspiring mom to an often frazzled, occasionally very nice mother of a five-year-old. And lucky for me, those two parts of my life have intertwined and combined and resulted in Parents Need to Eat Too, first as a cooking class for new parents, soon as an honest-to-god cookbook, and starting today as a blog.

Since the intersection of food and family has become the focus of this blog—of my career, of my day-to-day—it seemed logical to adjust the site to reflect that. Which is what you’re looking at right now. The changes are all visual, with one big exception: Instead of being called Words to Eat By, the site is now Parents Need to Eat Too: Debbie Koenig’s Words to Eat By. Makes sense, no? Just to reassure you that yes, you’re in the right place, we’ve kept an artichoke in the header (though it sure looks different than the old one!)


Let’s take a quick tour, mkay? Please bear in mind that there may still be some glitches here and there—in fact, if you come across any, please let me know!

Stretching across the very top of the page are what I think of as the Big Deal links: a get-to-know-me page, info on my book, blog archives by date and category, a thorough recipe index (way better than the old one, and still being tweaked as I write this—it’s gonna be awesome), clips from my freelance work, the blogroll, and info on the surprisingly numerous ways to contact me.

Swing your attention to the left column, where you’ll see a Search button followed by four pretty little tiles—each takes you directly to the recipes in four if-you’re-a-parent-you-need-these categories (Nap-Friendly Recipes, Quick Suppers, Pantry Cooking, and Nutritious Nibbles). Beneath them are a handful of other categories you might find interesting. Take your time, browse a little. I’ll wait.

OK, back? Moving on to the right side, at the top is (surprise) a big honking picture of Parents Need to Eat Too, the book (coming soon!). At the bottom, a handy listing of my last ten posts. In between you’ll find something important to me and you, and the key to that G-word in the title of this post: the subscribe box. Put your email address in that little white space, hit enter, and you’ll be sure to receive every new post, straight to your inbox. Or if you’d rather follow me a different way, click the RSS box (the one that kinda looks like a little swooping rainbow) and subscribe via your favorite Reader. The birdie takes you to my Twitter feed, and the “f” goes to Parents Need to Eat Too’s Facebook page. (Join me there, even if you subscribe another way! Lots of conversation happens on Facebook that doesn’t make it to the blog.)

Already a subscriber? I’m 99% sure you’ll keep getting my posts—but just in case, please re-subscribe. It won’t hurt, and that way you’ll never miss a thing. If you’ve been reading here more than a few days, you already know you can trust me; I’ll never use your info for anything other than the actual subscription.

For a little incentive, I’ve decided to do something that’s pretty unusual for me: a giveaway. Any and all new or re-subscribers may enter to win something I guarantee you nobody else can ever raffle off. Something so exclusive, you’ll only find it here on Parents Need to Eat Too. It’s not expensive, but if you’re the parent of a little one (or more) it’s priceless.

Subscribers can enter to win one of three galley copies of Parents Need to Eat Too, the book! Months before anyone else gets to read (and cook from) the book, you might win a galley, just by subscribing to the blog and letting me know. I hate complicated giveaways, so I’ll keep it simple:

  1. Subscribe to Parents Need to Eat Too, by email or RSS.
  2. Leave a comment on this post, telling me you’ve done so. It’s fine with me if you’d like to double your chances by subscribing both ways—just leave separate comments. Include your email address (there’ll be a space for it when you leave the comment; don’t worry, nobody but me will see it) so I can contact you when you win!
  3. Next Tuesday, November 8, at 9PM EST I’ll pick a winner via Winners will have 24 hours to respond with a mailing address or will choose a replacement.

See, that’s not hard at all. Go, subscribe, enter, tell your friends. I’ll be right here, for at least the next seven years.

And now, how’s about a round of applause for Ron Doyle, the uber-amazing designer and all-around genius who created this site? He’s pretty smashing.


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  1. Liz

    Wow, Debbie! This looks awesome! What a beautiful job! Congratulations on the new book, it looks fabulous. I look forward to seeing a copy (any chance of getting a UK publisher?)

    1. Debbie Koenig

      Thanks, Liz! I hope there will be a UK version at some point. Fingers crossed!

    2. Angie Wagner

      Subscribed! This looks wonderful! I can’t wait! 🙂 Congrats!

  2. Tepary

    I tried, really I did. I’m already a subscriber, but when I try to subscribe via RSS I get this “This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.” I get directed to a weird mail program when I try using the email option.

    In other news, wow this site is beautiful. I love the pantry link on the side. We’re having a ‘Debbie, who I know online’ unmeal tonight. Lemon, mint and pecorino-romano cheese linguine.’ Yum.

  3. Tepary

    Oh, and in awesome news my new little baby takes monster naps in the afternoon from about 1:30 to 5. Perfect for fitting nap-time cooking and a nap of my own in.

  4. Jesse

    I just subscribed! (can’t believe I haven’t been subscribed all these years…just an avid checker). Cannot wait for this book to come out! The website looks beautiful, and I totally love the picture of you and junior :). Coooooome onnnn galley!

  5. Aileen Wagner

    I signed up via email! I’m glad I won’t miss your posts!

  6. Aileen Wagner

    Oh, and I had trouble with the RSS button, but was able to subscribe that way by manually entering the email address.

  7. Jane

    I just subscribed via email…I first came across Words To Eat By before you had your little boy, then didn’t see it for a while and then lo and behold, I came back when he had just arrived! Then I had my little girl and I wasn’t on the internet much…but anyhow, food for parents and kids is very much an important topic in my life right now. I’d love a galley so I can read it and then recommend it to all the moms I am helping in the newest phase of my life as a postpartum doula!

  8. NoPotCooking

    Gorgeous site! And the book looks terrific too!

  9. Paula Cohen-Martin

    I’m all signed up. The blog is gorgeous! And I’m going to try those cookies you had to leave your husband for!
    Not to mention the green smoothie for my meat-eating anti-vegetable boy, Julian! Hope I get a copy of the book!

  10. Robin Morgan

    Tepary you have a magical baby. That sounds awesome. Debbie congrats on making the journey from aspiring food writer to actual published cookbook author! I would be excited to win an aptly named galley!

  11. Winnie

    Debbie this is so exciting. Your new blog looks terrific…can’t wait to see what you cook up here!

  12. Taryn

    Wow Debbie, congrats! The new site looks amazing! I’m so proud of all that you have achieved! xo

  13. mags

    I subscribed! love the new look, the pics of you and your son are so incredibly gorgeous!

  14. Nicky

    I’ve resubscribed and really hoping to win the galley copy of the book – either way, can’t wait to get it in its final form!

  15. Samantha

    I am excited for the cook book to come out! I just finished subscribing!

  16. Jane Boursaw

    LOVE the new site! It’s really beautiful (and thank you for the artichoke note and pic – I’ve been trying to think of the name of that veggie for days now – it’s a veggie, right?).

    I subscribed by email, though I’m not sure it took. Maybe I’ll get a note via email telling me it went through. Looking forward to your posts and info.

  17. Megan

    Awesome new look!!! Congratulations on the book and I just subscribed to the email option – no problems there:). Crossing my fingers…

  18. hilary

    Love the new look! And I’ve added you to my RSS reader.

  19. Cheryl

    Hi, I am a new subscriber, but have read your blog for some time now. Love the slow cooker recipes as I don’t have a range (stove)! I am connected to you on facebook & now looking forward to updates by email. Keep up the good work!

  20. christi

    I’m a huge fan of your recipes and your blog. I’ve resubscribed. I am looking forward to your cookbook. Congratulations!

  21. Fiona Bulcraig

    Hi! ‘Attainable Sustainable’ gave me the tip on subscribing to you so I am a super-newbie. I love the look of your work so I know I will be using it, now I’ve found you! I love food & am a full-time mum of 2 (aged 4yrs & 7yrs)in NZ, one with special needs. I hope it’s ok to ship out to me, if I were to win… 😉 Kia Kaha (stay strong, in our Maori language) xox

  22. Susan

    Congrats on the new template! It looks great. Ron is very talented, but then so are you.

  23. Sandy

    Signed up by email. Site looks great!

  24. emily

    Great news, Debbie! Can’t wait for everyone to get their hands on your book (they can’t have mine).

  25. Julia

    I signed up through Google reader, does that count? Love the new site.

  26. ruth pennebaker

    Love your redesign — and your writing is as engaging as ever.

  27. Mary

    Congrats on your site and book! I cant wait to get a copy! I just signed up for your email updates to stay in the loop.

  28. Hilary Garscadden

    Your site looks great. I’m looking forward to reading the book!

  29. Jess

    Subscribed! The site looks BEAUTIFUL! 🙂

  30. Mandy C

    I signed up for the emails. Tried adding your new domain to my google reader, and it goes to the old domain, and doesn’t include this current post, so figured I’d rather be safe than sorry.

  31. Christina

    I subscribed via RSS on Flipboard. The site is gorgeous, and I am so excited for you!

  32. Abigail

    Hi Debbie – I subscribed to get your posts via email. Not sure why I didn’t do that a long time ago…Congrats on the new site!

  33. Ingrid Smith

    Just subscribed to your yummy looking site. As I am helping raise my 5 yr. old grandson, I hope to find healthier recipes to try, for whole family, since he has been raised as a “healthy eater” thus far.

  34. Amanda G.

    “Your request has been accepted!”

    Yay! Congrats again, Debbie. The book and redesigned site are both phenomenal.

  35. Anne N

    Congratulations! I’m do glad things have worked out so well for you! I subscribed again as well.

  36. Susan

    Congratulations Debbie!
    and thanks, I’m looking forward to getting recipe ideas in my in-box

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    I signed up via email!

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    Looks fabulous and Im excited to get my hands on your book, one way or the other!

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    I just subscribed 🙂 Your site looks great :)I cant wait to try some yummy recipes!

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    I did it… I subscribed and hopefully I’m entered. I love cookbooks. I’m a wanna-be foodie in my mind 🙂

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    So excited for this book! I’m expecting my first child in April, and I’m sure it will come in handy!

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    I look forward to using some of your quick supper receipes…more days than not I dont have time to put together an elaborate meal and just usually end up with take out *yak* It’ll be nice to throw together something delicious and quick!

  65. Corey

    I subscribed through email…

  66. Erin Cyr

    I subscribed via email and RSS. Your site looks fabulous, and the release of your book is highly anticipated my me and my family!

  67. Corey

    I think I subscribed the RSS way too…not sure…have never done it before…

  68. Katie

    Can’t wait for the book whether I win one or not!

  69. Beth

    I subscribed too! The blog looks terrific and I can’t wait to try some recipes, this is exactly the way I like to cook and I am always looking for new ideas!

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    Leaving a separate comment because I subscribed both ways! Thanks!

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    Found & “Liked” you on Facebook also!

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    Email subscriber 😀

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    I love your blog. I subscribe by rss and can’t wait to see the new book!

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    Thanks for making such a great cookbook. And thank you Amber Dusick for showing me her website 😀 I love both of your guys’ sites!!

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    I subscribed via email. Can’t wait to see the cookbook (parents get to eat things other than cold mac’n’cheese?).

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    Good luck!

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    Thanks! Will be back for a browse in a bit. Jo

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    I subscribed via email.

    when I tried to subscribe to the RSS I got “this XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below”

    1. Rebecca Roland

      and I typo’d my own last name… nice!

  99. Kate

    All subscribed & ready to read (& eat, too!)

    Food has been such an issue with my 5 year old daughter, but my 3 year old daughter will try anything! Can’t wait to check out your posts & recipes!

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    I also plan on following you on twitter and liking you on fb! Ill book mark too so I can for sure find you again

  101. Jeannine

    I re-subscribed – the new site is beautiful!

  102. Serge Lescouarnec

    Congrats on your site facelift

    Since it is named ‘Parents Need to Eat Too’ will it include dishes or full meals prepared by kids of all ages for their parents?

    ‘The French Guy from New Jersey

  103. Kayni

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    Can’t wait to check out your book too!

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    I subscribed on Facebook. I would love to get the book early since my two little guys keep me busy and cooking since I had my first has been a big challenge.

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  211. Martha

    Congratulations! Helping with this book got me a great gig helping to write a cookbook, so your karma is excellent.

  212. Allison

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    Keep up the great & interesting reads!

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