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Happy Birthday To Me. Yeah, Yeah, Whatever

this morning’s wrapping paper, 100% art-directed by Harry, right down to which kitties to add and where to place them

Birthdays are a touchy subject for me. December 22 is just too mucked up with holiday fever. I’ve whined about that before, so I won’t bore you with details of years past here. This year, with my birthday falling during Hanukkah and holiday celebrations the weekend before (Stephen’s family, for the annual pre-Christmas gathering) and after (my family’s coming over for Less-Oil Latkes on Saturday), it feels more like an afterthought than ever.

This morning Stephen and Harry woke me up with a gift—wrapped in the sweetest paper ever, designed by Harry himself. (At 5, he can’t read terribly well yet, so I forgive him for breaking the first rule of gift-giving for December birthdays.) Inside the box? A piece of paper, bearing a color printout of my gift. Apparently the package was misdelivered, and in the meanwhile the company ran out of stock so they couldn’t send a replacement. Sigh. My other present? A delicious-looking set of hand-thrown bowls I’ve been ogling for over a year. Yeah, those didn’t arrive either—the artist just emailed Stephen to say she wasn’t happy with the way they turned out so she had to redo them. They’ll arrive in several weeks. WTF? I blame this all on the holidays. If my birthday fell in, say, October, nobody would be rushing the stores and clearing out all the merchandise.

Whine whine whine. I know. This is all very First-World Problem-ish. I’ll shut up now.

Bah, humbug.

according to Stephen, this kitty was Harry’s favorite, cropped-off paw and all

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  1. Angela Garrison

    No problem with your whining here. I am a Dec. 31st baby and my favorite is always the “this is for Christmas AND your birthday” present. I would love to come to their house and just give them one gift on Christmas and tell that to think about that when their birthday rolled around.

  2. Happy birthday!! That wrapping paper is PRICELESS. It should be framed or turned into wallpaper or something… can Harry art-direct kitties into all aspects of my life?

  3. Jo

    No, December birthdays suck. My cousin’s ins Dec 26th, and she said when she was ttc her second child that she’d skip the relevant month to avoid a Christmas bday.

    I told another person I know who’d been ttc longterm and had real infertility issues. He was disgusted at the idea of skipping a month. I found that a strange impulse – it’s all for the parents with no thought for the baby? Luckily his daughter ended up coming along in February.

    December birthdays are cosmically unfair. Would you consider moving it by 6 months? Have one in June next year, so you don’t feel cheated, then go from there!

    1. Debbie Koenig

      Jo, as a December birthday-er with fertility problems I can see both sides of that one. On the one hand, I wouldn’t wish a late-December birthday on anyone. But on the other hand, after fertility treatments & many months of fruitless efforts, I was so desperate for a successful pregnancy that I couldn’t care less when Harry’s birthday would fall–I just wanted him to be BORN!

  4. Jo

    Oh, ok, so that idea doesn’t wash. Sorry!

  5. Ayshela

    oh yes, the trials of December birthdays… My mother in laws (both of them) had december birthdays and apparently I was the first person for BOTH of them to make sure they had separate gifts in *birthday* wrap. :-S I didn’t think it should be that difficult to pay as much attention to a birthday near a holiday as one far from one.

    Happy birthday!

  6. Andrea

    My birthday is Dec. 17, and my mom’s is Dec. 31, so growing up she was always very careful to make sure Christmas in our house didn’t start until the 18th – she knew what it was like. We always decorated after my day and took everything down before hers. My biggest pet-peeve is people who call me a grinch for not wanting to celebrate Christmas until after my birthday – there’s nothing wrong with having a different family tradition. Now that I have my own home and child, I’ve loosened up about the decorating a little, but my son’s birthday is Nov. 24, and YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE how many people have been dropping comments like, “He probably doesn’t need anything for Christmas, right? I mean, he just had a birthday.” It frustrates me, because though it’s not about the gifts, I don’t think that those people would appreciate it so much if I only gave their kids one gift for both occasions! (big long rant, sorry!)

    1. Debbie Koenig

      Hey no need to apologize here, Andrea! I feel for anyone who’s got a holiday birthday. I think the only one I know who enjoys it is a friend of Harry’s whose birthday is October 31. Costume party/candy/trick-or-treating, all for him!!!

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