Watch the Trailer for Parents Need to Eat Too

I rang in 2012 sick. Soooo sick—as in, I slept from 8:00 the night before until 9:00 the morning of the 31st, and then took a nap a few hours later. But when midnight came I was awake and tingling: We’d just welcomed the year Parents Need to Eat Too finally hits the shelves.

Publication is just seven weeks away now, and I’m gearing up for the big push (whatever that means). So I’m thrilled to introduce to you a little video we made to describe the book. Watch, enjoy, and please tell your friends!

Now, let’s talk about that amazing kitchen. Before you start ooooing and aaaahing, saying “Well no wonder Debbie’s got it all together—look at that amazing workspace,” I’ll be honest. That ain’t my home. This lovely, circa-1980 rental is where I created every single recipe in the book. Trust me, my life is not glamorous. Not a bit. And that’s just fine.