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My First Review!

And it’s a good one! From Library Journal:

Reassuring is the first word that comes to mind when reading food writer Koenig’s first cookbook, in which she provides doable, affordable meal solutions for new parents. The chapters are practical and original: “Nap-Time Cooking” divides recipes into stages to be completed while a child is napping, and “One-Handed Meals” consists entirely of tidy dishes (e.g., turnovers, empanadas, and hand pies) for spill-free eating. At the end of each recipe, you’ll find encouraging notes from parents who tested the recipes, as well as instructions for making baby food. The book also includes tips for stocking the pantry and freezer, infant feeding guidelines, and a food-focused third-trimester time line.

Thrilled does not even begin to describe how I feel. Elated, excited, honored, dizzy, nervous (still; I think I’ll always be nervous)…

Unbelievable as it feels to me (and it does), Parents Need to Eat Too is on sale five weeks from tomorrow.

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    Library Journal is a great resource. All the public librarians in the suburbs are going to be snapping up your book!

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