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I'm jumping in my classic convertible and hitting the road! Eh, not so much.

I’m Hitting the (Virtual) Road: The Blog Tour Has Begun!

I’m jumping in my classic convertible and hitting the road! Eh, not so much.

Two weeks from today, Parents Need to Eat Too (finally) goes on sale. To celebrate, my publisher, HarperCollins, teamed up with one of my favorite appliance companies (yes, I have favorite appliance companies), KitchenAid, to sponsor a good old-fashioned blog tour. That’s right: Instead of shlepping from town to town, making personal appearances in front of two or possibly three persons at a time, we’re having a party online! Over the next few weeks I’ll be visiting blogs near and far, hither and yon, all while still in my pajamas.

Watch this space—I’ll update as I zoom along the information superhighway.

First stop: The Food Yenta. Meri’s an actual, real-life friend of mine; we met in the neighborhood when our sons were babies. Harry’s a few months older than her boy, which made him seem super-grown-up. And apparently it fooled Meri into thinking I actually knew what I was doing. Click through to read about how Harry’s grilled-cheese-and-spinach sandwich changed her entire approach to feeding babies. Leave a comment, and you might win a copy of Parents Need to Eat Too!

What’s that? You want to know how you can see me live, and not in my pajamas? Funny you should ask. My one and only Official Book Tour Event will be Saturday, March 3 from 3-5PM at The Brooklyn Kitchen, the super-awesome kitchen-store-cum-butcher-shop-cum-cooking-school right here in glittery Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It’s 100% free (though you are, of course, welcome and even encouraged to buy a book), but because food will be served—that’s right, I’m cooking for you!—reservations are requested. Don’t miss me! Seriously, there will not be many chances to hear my spiel in person. Reserve your spot today.

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  1. meri

    not just the babies…all of us! I’m not the only one who remembered this conversation either 🙂

    Loving your book debbie! thanks for giving me this opportunity!

  2. Debbie, so excited about your book and being part of the blog party – I think fans of Facing Forty Upside Down will love having new, easy recipes to try. Looking forward!!

    1. Debbie Koenig

      Thanks, Patty! I’m looking forward to visiting your blog 😉

  3. Tepary

    Can’t wait for you to make your virtual stop in Arizona.

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