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my brother took this picture & sent it to me. sweet, huh?

NYC Peeps: Catch Me on NY1!

Debbie Koenig, author of Parents Need to Eat Too, on NY1
They spelled my name wrong! Photo courtesy of my brother G.

Dude. I’m on TV. Talking to NY1’s Shelley Goldberg. In scary HD, even.

If you’re local, I’m told this’ll air something like 20 or 25 times over the next few days. Or you can just do what I do: watch online, over and over. Those bananas look so, um, sexual after a while…

If you’re local, you know what a uniquely New York thrill it is to be on NY1. It’s the channel my TV turns to automatically, every time I turn it on. It’s inescapable, in a good way. I’m just tickled that it’s the site of my television debut.

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  1. Erin Cyr

    Congratulations! I was on the Martha Stewart show recently (via Google Hangout, not in studio) talking about a cleanse I did. It was very exciting.
    I made your crazy good cookies last night to impress all my mom friends at our monthly “Mommies Need Wine” night. Last time I made them for a cookie swap and put candied bacon on top. I am going to go watch you online now!

    1. Debbie Koenig

      Ooo, Martha! “Candied bacon” are two of my favorite words. Genius, adding them to the cookies.

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