An Event for Dads: Mother’s Day Dinner for Non-Cooks

An Event for Dads: Mother’s Day Dinner for Non-Cooks

I realize most of my readers are probably not¬†men, but I’ll bet you can figure out a way to sneak this in front of your significant other:¬†I’m teaching a cooking class for folks who’ve never made anything more than toast, a simple Mother’s Day meal that’ll knock your socks off‚ÄĒespecially since your non-cooking partner will be the one preparing it. How’s that¬†for a Mother’s Day gift?

The class will take place the Saturday before Mother’s Day, May 5th, at Caribou Baby in Greenpoint. The details:

Forget flowers, jewelry, or massages. This Mother’s Day, give the new mom in your life a delicious, home-cooked dinner‚ÄĒeven if you’ve never cooked before. In this special pre-Mother’s Day seminar, I’ll¬†demonstrate an elegant, deceptively easy three-course meal based on a chapter from Parents Need to Eat Too¬†called “Un-Recipes, for Partners Who Can’t Cook.” Think you can’t handle Gazpacho with Honeydew and Peppadew, Linguine with Pecorino, Lemon & Mint, and rich Chocolate Amazon Cake? Think again! With my help, Mother’s Day dinner is a snap.

Admission includes the class (babies are welcome, of course), samples of the food, a step-by-step timeline for Mother’s Day cooking, and a signed copy of¬†Parents Need to Eat Too.

Tickets are only $35, including the signed book, and can be purchased through Caribou Baby.

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For the record, I realize that not all partners are men. Non-cooking women are more than welcome at this class! Though I imagine the idea of cooking a Mother’s Day dinner for yourself is a bit less appealing than the other way around…