Two, Count Em Two, Chances to Win

Two, Count Em Two, Chances to Win

In addition to a haircut from Harry, I got a pair of sweet Mother’s Day gifts this weekend: Two of my favorite food writers posted blush-inducing (in me, anyway) reviews of Parents Need to Eat Too, complete with giveaways:

Carolyn Cope, aka Umami Girl, had this to say:

Parents Need to Eat Too is a smart, witty, dare I say indispensable resource for parents clawing their way toward their “new normal” in the months after a baby is born. A great Mother’s Day or any-day gift for expecting and recently besieged…sorry, I mean blessed…parents….

Big batches, nap-time cooking, meals you can single-fist, and tips to turn recipes into baby food are just a few of the ridiculously practical ideas presented with compassion, humor, and clarity. The recipes are sophisticated enough to make you feel like a real adult (a rarity in the early days of parenthood), yet simple enough that you’d be able to cook them in a sleep-deprived state without burning down the house.

And Kate Sonders, who worked for years with Molly O’Neill (one of my food-writing heroes), wrote:

Parents Need to Eat Too should be required reading for every expectant family. Feeding oneself, and one’s child (or children), can be a delicate balancing act that requires finesse, patience and creativity. Koenig takes the fear out of re-entering the kitchen post-baby.

While Koenig’s book is really geared towards new parents, with chapters like nap-friendly cooking, recipes to support breastfeeding and so on, I find the simplicity and healthfulness of the recipes is going to help me in my quest for a cohesive and positive meal experience. This book is not just for new parents who need encouragement, support and ideas but for seasoned parents who need time-management tips to get healthy, family-friendly meals on the table.

Both of these women have already received their $5 bribes thank-you gifts, and both are graciously offering you the chance to get a little something too: A free copy of the book. Visit Umami Girl to enter Carolyn’s giveaway, and Kate Sonders’ site to enter hers.