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Happy Holidays

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Harry is six. He’s in first grade. And he has no idea how lucky we are.

I do.

Which is why blogging about holiday foods and parties and whatnot just feels weird to me right now. So rather than pretend everything is normal, I’ll wish you and yours every possible good thing for the holidays, and resume blogging in a week or two.

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  1. Elizabeth

    So well said. Here’s to a reflective and restful couple of weeks.

  2. Alice Knisley Matthias

    I found your work through Monica Bhide some time ago. My younger boy is also six. Absolutely well said.


  3. WordyDoodles

    Thank you, Debbie. Sometimes the simplest words can be just the thing we need to read. Happy holidays.

  4. Alice Knisley Matthias

    Here’s a happy thought. I used a version of your cocoa mix, and made up jars of it as gifts for teachers and administration, with the cinnamon marshmallows. Thanks for the inspiration! Peace.

    1. Debbie Koenig

      That IS a happy thought, Alice. Thanks for sharing!

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