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The Secret to Perfectly Round Slice-and-Bake Cookies

130211 cookie sliced

If you make a lot of slice-and-bake cookies and you’reΒ not storing it in paper towel rolls, this post may change your life.

130211 cookie roll tube

Next time you wrap up a schlong (excuse me: log) of dough, chill it inside a cardboard roll. It’ll keep the dough from getting smashed, and more importantly, it’ll keep the bottom of the log from flattening out as it sits.

130211 cookie roll slicedReduce, reuse, recycle. You’re welcome.

Got any recycling tips of your own to share? Hit me.

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  1. Mary Beth

    How about a recipe for cookies to go in the tube….?

    1. Debbie Koenig

      Mary Beth, I talked about the recipe on my FB page earlier today. It’s homemade Nutter Butters, from Casey Barber’s new cookbook Classic Snacks Made from Scratch! Recipe post coming here later in the week.

  2. A Bit of Brooklyn

    Just the other day thinking there must be a use for those cardboard rolls… besides letting Little One use them as makeshift trumpets πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  3. Robin @ thebakingexchange

    I wish I had read this post yesterday. I baked Heidesand cookies, which are also slice and bake and I had to reshape them each individually after they came out of the fridge to make them round again. Just what I wanted to be doing with my free time….. πŸ™

    1. Debbie Koenig

      Boo! Next time it’ll be so much easier. Meanwhile, I’m not familiar with Heidesand cookies but I just googled & they look fab. Mind telling me a little about them? Are they like regular shortbread cookies, or different somehow?

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