The Ultimate Picky Eater (and Mini-Foodie) Gift Guide

The Ultimate Picky Eater (and Mini-Foodie) Gift Guide

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I’m sneaky. I never miss a chance to encourage Harry to eat new foods, but I don’t want him to notice. So at least one night of Hanukkah and maybe again at Christmas, he’ll get a gift that’s subtly food-related. This year it’s The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook—even if we never wind up baking Cauldron Cakes, he’ll read it in bed as if it were a real-deal HP book. He’ll dream about food, and someday, someday…


If you’ve been blessed with a kid who says, “No thank you” more often than, “Yes, please,” you might want to check out my picky eater gift guide over at You’ll find ten options—five each for little-littles and slightly-biggers, all of which make food fun. Not only that, your kid will actually be happy to unwrap them, I promise.

And if you’re blessed with a kid who already appreciates the difference between Roquefort and gorgonzola, I’m pretty sure this list will inspire you, too. Think about it: Picky eaters and young foodies are just two sides of the same coin.

Are you planning a food-related gift for your youngun?