Welcome to Parents Need to Eat Too {Giveaway!}

Things look a little different around here, don’t they? After seven years of blogging at Words to Eat By, the time has come for a little reinvention—not of myself, since I’ve been changing and evolving all this time. Of the blog. See, when I started Words to Eat By I was a publishing-industry burnout turned aspiring food writer, newly married and just starting to try for a baby (in fact, I’d already had a miscarriage, though I didn’t share that then). My first tagline announced what I intended the blog to be: Thoughts on Food, Writing, and Everything Else. But time did what it always does: It changed things. Me, mostly, going from an aspiring food writer to a real-live one, from an aspiring mom to an often frazzled, occasionally very nice mother of a five-year-old. And lucky for me, those two parts of my life have intertwined and combined and resulted in Parents Need to Eat Too, first as a cooking class for new parents, soon as an honest-to-god cookbook, and starting today as a blog.

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