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  1. FordeFam

    Hey! We tried these and our cookie dough was more liquidy, and then when we baked them, the cookies were kind of cakey like. We added 3 eggs ( we doubled the batch, and had already baked one bit), but they were still not gooey! 🙁 Was there any special trick or tip that you could give us! 🙂 We want the cookies you have in your pics! 😉 Oh, and our cookies weren't as dark as yours either… :/ Thanks!

  2. debbie koenig

    Oh no, I'm so sorry it didn't work out! I looked through the old comments on this post (which, annoyingly, were dropped in a redesign) to see if anyone else reported this problem, and they all seemed ok.

    I'm confused about the eggs. Do you mean you added them after you'd baked some, in an effort to achieve gooeyness? I'm pretty sure eggs would make it *more* cakey. Also, the cookies are meant to be chewy more than gooey. But definitely not cakey!

    How do you measure your flour? If you're scooping, you may have unintentionally used too much. Next time try fluffing up the flour with a spoon, then spooning the flour into the measuring cup and sweeping the excess off the top with the back of a knife.

    Good luck, and please report back if you try again! Feel free to write me directly via the "contact" button on the top right.

  3. FordeFam

    Haha! Thanks! We figured out the problem… Since my hubs was doing the baking with the kids and watching the game at the same time he put 7tsp of cocoa instead of 7T!!! Huge difference!!! I was determined to have these cookies! Hehe! We added chocolate chips, cocao nibs and dried cherries! Mmmmmm! Thanks for posting! 🙂

  4. debbie koenig

    Oh, that's funny! I'm pretty sure anybody with kids has done something like that at least once.

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