3 responses to “Madeleines, Shmadeleines: Kasha Varnishkes”

  1. canayjun/elain

    I couldn't resist replying. I was in enticed into making Kasha Varnishkes (except we always called it just kasha) I had just skinned a dozen chicken thighs to freeze, (more healthy, right?) I usually throw the skins out, but i had this brilliant thought. Cut up the skins, throw them in a frying pan, make up some 'greben', drain, toss onions in the chicken fat, drain, make kasha V. in the pan, then and add onions and greben and shells (ours was always done with tiny pasta shells not bows). I was quickly engulfed with the odours of 'bubba' made heavenly soul food. The greben was so good, I kept nibbling… so much for low fat consumption!

  2. debbie koenig

    Oh, man, you're killing me! That sounds SO GOOD.

  3. paula Cohen-Martin

    You took the words out of my mouth: Stop, you’re killing me. Greben! Mmmmm. Debbie, I too, now have to make it. I think it requires a roasted chicken on the side. And my grandmother’s eternal side: rye bread with whipped butter. (Actually I’m guessing that was never a side with chicken. She wasn’t glatt kosher but more “new world kosher”.) Thank you for helping me pick my Sunday menu.

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