4 responses to “The Fertile Pudding (We Hope): Potato Kugel”

  1. Joan

    Hi..Ok I have been searching for a very long time for a Potato Pudding recipe like my grandparents made..Well, I found it! It is incredibly delicious and easy. I’m even serving this at Thanksgiving as a side dish. Because as you said..we do like our starch! Thanks Again.

  2. Alison Gross

    Hey Debbie! Here’s a small world moment. I want to make a potato kugel for a company potluck tomorrow, but don’t have a family recipe, so I just googled recipes and voila! yours came up. Since I’m clearly very last minute, I’m either going with your recipe or with Mitchell Kaplan’s from the Mensch Chef (remember that book?). Yours looks easier. Can I just double this recipe?

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