10 responses to “Djerdan Bureks (Boreks, Borekas, Bourekas)”

  1. Alexandra Grabbe

    Oh, for an ethnic neighborhood nearby! City folks sure have great options when it comes to food. You have made me hungry, and it isn't even close to time for lunch!

  2. MarthaAndMe

    I've never heard of these, but they sound and look wonderful. I'll remember to find some next time we are in NYC

  3. Jennifer Margulis

    I'm reading this before breakfast (I live on the West Coast) and now I'm really getting hungry. My grandparents are from New York (my grandpa via Russia) and these photos and memories make me homesick in some primal way. Time to go eat I think!

  4. ruth pennebaker

    What an incredible, mouth-watering post. I've got to explore Queens and will be following you there.

  5. debbie koenig

    Thanks for the comments, all. Even if I don't live in Queens any more, at least I can still get there for the food! If I ever move away, someone will have to send me Astoria care packages every so often.

  6. Zora

    Cheers from Astoria! Rachel Fudge pointed me to your blog, and the first thing I see is my favorite boreks! I moved to Astoria for the food in 1998, and I'm not going anywhere. Available for care package sending, should it come to that…

  7. debbie koenig

    Welcome, Zora! I'm so jealous of you, getting to live there. So much has already changed in the 6 years since I moved.

  8. Meredith Resnick

    My kids are Russian and this sounds like something they (and I) would really love. They look delicious. Reminds me of something I've made for them (but can't remember the name!). I think we ate something similar when we took them to Brighton Beach (and also to St. Petersburg – Russia).

  9. kris bordessa

    My husband brought home a recipe for "boureks" years ago. The recipe calls for baking, though these look fried? I did make them once and we liked them – but I have no frame of reference. I'd love to try an official burek!

  10. debbie koenig

    Meredith, I think there are versions of boreks all over the Middle East and Eastern Europe. I first had one in Israel!

    Kris, these are baked, not fried. They just look fried cuz they're kinda greasy (in a good way).

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