5 responses to “Simply Recipes’ Spicy, Citrusy Black Beans”

  1. Frugal Kiwi

    I'm always looking for good recipes for pulses and lentils. I scored some dried Serranos a few weeks ago – a bit of a coup Down Under, so might have to give this a go Serrano style.

  2. Rebecca Novick

    So, wait, can I make this if I cooked the beans yesterday? Or do the seasonings not work out as well if you don't include them from the dry bean stage?

  3. debbie koenig

    Rebecca, I should've explained that in the post–thanks for reminding me! I didn't use the seasonings to cook the beans initially. I just added a bay leaf to the simmering portion of the recipe, with the onions, etc.

  4. kerry dexter

    I often add black beans (seasoned or not) to pasta, with marinara sauce and other vegetables, usually. I wonder if harry would enjoy them that way?

  5. debbie koenig

    Kerry, I've never added black beans to pasta! Cannellini, chick peas, lentils, yes. I'll have to give it a shot next time I make them. And your guess is as good as mine about what Harry will eat–that child is just killing me.

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