8 responses to “Frijoles Negros in 90 Minutes”

  1. Ellen

    I long ago gave up presoaking beans and generally just cook a bit longer on the stove. Never thought to try them in the oven though!

  2. DailyChef

    90 minutes is really not too long to get a delicious dish like this. I love the flavoring from the very beginning – I bet the tastes soak right in. Yum!

  3. small houses

    This is an easy dish to make in a short time! I like it! Time to make some! Thanks!

  4. Cate O'Malley

    I haven't made black beans in awhile, but Nick loves them. Like your son, he will gladly fish out anything that resembles onions and garlic, so like the idea of putting bigger chunks in for flavor. Making this weekend – thanks for the recipe!

  5. cbe

    Do you have any tips for how to keep chipotles in adobo? Inevitably, a recipe calls for one, but you have to open the whole can, and can't reseal it. I never seem to find enough recipes to use them after putting them in a new container in the fridge. Why can't they make them in jars?

  6. marthaandme

    I've been on a black bean kick, so this is one I will definitely make

  7. debbie koenig

    cbe, I find that an open can of chipotles in adobo–transferred to a small airtight container (I use Rubbermaid)–will stay good pretty much indefinitely in the fridge. I've been working on this current can for at least two months now!

  8. Julie

    Black beans=our family standby…I either used canned beans, or boil/simmer dried beans…we eat beans all week, with rice and scrambled eggs, or with cheese, or in tortillas. Prob 3x/week it's our dinner.
    Look forward to trying this iteration!

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