7 responses to “Watermelon Gazpacho”

  1. Joy Manning

    Looks very refreshing … I might have to try this one out, though I may mash it up with the watermelon gazpacho we recently ran in TT … yum.

  2. adhocmom

    I have a giant watermelon in my fridge, have been wondering how we were going to manage all of it.

  3. Ellen @ CheapCooking

    Interesting. I love good gazpacho but am having trouble envisioning watermelon gazpacho. Is it overly sweet? I have a small watermelon on the counter right now and am thinking to try this. I was going to do a watermelon and feta salad that caught my eye but don't have feta cheese at home.

  4. debbie koenig

    Joy, watermelon gazpacho seems to have become a *thing* lately, no? Popping up everywhere!

    adhocmom, make this! It's really really REALLY good. Do report back 😉

    Ellen, this isn't overly sweet at all. The vinegar and the hot sauce take care of that. The watermelon becomes more of a supporting flavor, an undertone, sorta.

  5. DailyChef

    Looks delicious, and so refreshing for a hot day! Love it.

  6. Carrietracy

    I made gazpacho last night too! Although mine was the regular tomato kind. Looks delicious.

  7. marthaandme

    I've never heard of watermelon gazpacho – what an idea! This looks cool and lovely.

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