5 responses to “How to Enjoy Thanksgiving Without Blowing Your Diet”

  1. DailyChef

    Thanks for the tips! I always struggle with this. Especially with family around, and everyone having a great time around the table, I realize I'm stuffed only when I stand up (or try to…)!

  2. WordyDoodles

    Wow, this was a really helpful post! And I'm not on Weight Watchers or actively dieting right now. But this is a solid list of commonsense reminders and clever ideas that anyone can use (I love the one suggesting I group the high calorie foods in my head and then pick just one).

  3. debbie koenig

    DailyChef, that reminds me of one other tip: DO NOT WEAR FAT PANTS! Wear something with a snug-fitting waistline, and you'll notice you're full a whole lot sooner.

    Wordy, thanks! I'm glad to know it's helpful, even if you're not actively on a diet.

  4. Jesse

    You are the rockin'est. Xoxo

  5. Casey@Good. Food. Stories.

    Soooo… my Joey Tribbiani Thanksgiving pants are a bad idea? 🙂

    Since I'm the cook (and hence, distributor of the leftovers), I usually won't do a full plate of every single item at Thanksgiving dinner. Some things, like the turkey, taste better the next day, so I'll save them to eat Friday morning.

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