6 responses to “Kale Salad with Browned Butter-Sherry Vinaigrette”

  1. NoPotCooking

    My mom recently took kale and baked it on a rack in the oven. It came out crisy and beautiful. I never would have thought! Kale can be surprising!

  2. debbie koenig

    Kale chips, yum! I made them for a party once–so easy & intriguing. But I think I overdid it, after making four or five batches in the space of a week or two. Totally burned out on them. May be time to revisit…

  3. Casey@Good. Food. Stories.

    oooh, I love Resto – they make some amazing salads there. I once had a crazy amazing one with duck confit and a super-tangy vinaigrette… we shall splurge there together sometime!

  4. Dana

    Kale salad is also great because it will still stand up the next day as leftovers, it won't be wilty and drippy. This salad sounds so good!

  5. debbie koenig

    Casey, I'd love to dine w/you @ Resto!

    And Dana, I wouldn't know about leftovers when it comes to kale salad 😉

  6. Anonymous

    This was delicious! Thank you!

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