Attention, Williamsburg Parents: Adorable Japanese Foodstuff, Now at Midoriya

I went for a walk today. This is news, somewhat, since lately it feels like I hardly ever leave our apartment. Ahh, the glamorous life of a writer…

Anyhoosie. I went for a walk. And found a pleasant surprise (in addition to the stop at Bakeri, where I purchased a chocolate chip/hazelnut/rosemary cookie that was…interesting, in a good way): Midoriya, a sweet new Japanese market. If you’ve got a kid and you live in Williamsburg, prepare to spend money. Not tons of money, since nothing’s terribly expensive (and they’re running a Grand Opening promotion: 10% off everything), but it’s hard to walk out of there empty-handed, thanks to the high level of cuteness to be found inside.

My first purchase:

Thomas the Tank Engine Pocky! There’s an entire wall of practically irresistible Japanese snacky things, both sweet and savory. Most didn’t have licensed characters, but nearly everything had some cute little cartoony element. Harry was thrilled when I busted out Thomas after dinner, and only mildly confused by the Japanese lettering. He’s just learning to read, so I suspect everything kinda looks Japanese to him anyway. And I was thrilled that the entire package was only 120 calories, and 9 grams of sugar.

My other purchase is even more adorable, and hopefully it’ll pay off in increased consumption of the lunches I so lovingly pack for junior:

Bento picks! I’m quite sure they won’t bring me to the level of Cute Food for Kids or Just Bento, but if it means that just once the edamame get eaten, I’ll be happy.

Midoriya is at 167 N. 9th Street, right across from Mini-Jake. Personally, I can’t wait for the Witches’ Walk Halloween parade; that combo’s going to be killer.