13 responses to “White Beans with Sage”

  1. gretchen

    Nursing mamas might want to avoid this one, as sage can inhibit supply. Or, if you're weaning, this is a great dish! 🙂

  2. debbie koenig

    Gretchen, the lactation consultant I interviewed for the cookbook said sage tea will inhibit, but not when it's used in cooking–she assured you'd have to eat A LOT of sage leaves for it to have a real effect. She actually couldn't think of a single food (as opposed to tea/tincture/etc) that will inhibit–only foods that will increase supply. So go ahead, enjoy!

  3. elizabeth behan

    ok, two questions: is consuming sage in a dish OK for pregnant mamas? i'm 31 weeks. and second, could i use chicken broth for this instead of water, for a bit more flavor? thanks!

  4. debbie koenig

    Elizabeth, I'm not a doctor but all my research points to *culinary* herbs being safe–they're used in such small quantities, and you'd need to have quite a concentrated dose to have an effect. And yes, chicken broth would be just fine!

  5. elizabeth Behan

    thanks, debbie, i figured as much, but you never know. i see my midwife tomorrow anyway, and since i'm not planning to make this until the weekend, i'll know for sure. and i just might try that chicken broth… ( ;

  6. Christine

    Ugh, about the canned beans. Had never known that.
    This sounds delicious. I love the idea of sage in white beans.And yes, I agree, culinary amounts of herbs like this should be fine!

  7. debbie koenig

    Christine, I think I was unclear–Molly was talking about the dried beans you'll find in a supermarket. Canned (assuming they're BPA-free) shouldn't be that old. I hope.

    At any rate, I added the word "dried" to the post…

  8. Reidy

    Oh, no! I've been feeling so virtuous cooking my dried beans recently. Though perhaps this is a sign that it's time to add some beans to our just-barely-poking-up sugar snap peas hanging out in front of the playroom window.

  9. sarah henry

    A winning combo.

  10. Reidy

    Just for fun I planted a handful of the dried supermarket beans (navy and black) when we planted our Kentucky Wonder pole beans last week. Our sugar snap and pole beans are thriving. The navy and black beans? Well… Maybe I should invest in seed packets. Not a one poked up.

  11. debbie koenig

    Interesting, Reidy! Though I guess I'm not surprised–being a total gardening virgin, I never would've thought to plant dried beans as seeds! Now I have an experiment to do with Harry…

  12. Anonymous

    Where do you get your dried beans if you don't get them from the supermarket? I'm curious. Thanks.

  13. debbie koenig

    Anon, you can get beans from smaller companies at places like Whole Foods or the farmers' market, and online too–http://ranchogordo.com/ is a pretty prominent grower.

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