7 responses to “Possibly the Most Versatile Bread Dough Ever”

  1. Liz

    What a *GREAT*, versatile recipe! I love the sound of this. Must give it a go soon. And really lovely pictures, by the way. I agree that making bread can be time-consuming but I justify the calories because kneading dough is a great workout and it just tastes so much nicer than any bread you can buy UNLESS you have the £$£$££ – artisan bread is seriously pricy! Also, I find I'm satisfied by a single slice of my own homemade bread, whereas I'd probably want to eat half a loaf of supermarket bread – even if it didn't taste so good! Not blowing my own trumpet or anything, but the recipe is here…http://mealtimemeltdown.blogspot.com/2011/03/really-really-good-bread.html

  2. The Rose Garden Resto

    Well, in the pictures you've provided, it indeed the most versatile bread dough ever. It's seems a Royal Bread of the Century! Yummy! great partner with delicacy jam or spread : )

  3. Cindy Rowland

    What a dreamy looking recipe!! If it wasn't supposed to up into the 90s today, I'd be trying it out.

  4. Anonymous

    Trying the breadsticks today. Perfect rainy day activity to do with my 4yo while the 2 yo and the baby sleep. Chantelle

  5. ~Molly~

    I guess I'm baking these crispy little crackers this weekend! These look fantastic and I will know exactly what is going in them. Thanks!!


  6. debbie koenig

    @Liz, I hear you on the cost-effectiveness. But I'm the other way when it comes to overeating bread–I'll demolish my own loaf much faster than store-bought!

    @Rose Garden, maybe I'll rename it to Royal Bread of the Century!

    @Cindy, maybe you could bake it at night 😉

    @Chantelle, I saw your note on WTEB's FB page how much you enjoyed the breadsticks–so glad they came out well!

    @Molly, the crackers are pretty awesome. Do let me know how they come out!

  7. Ivy

    Lavash! I love Peter's book, but haven't tried the lavash version yet. Thanks for lighting a firecracker under my butt!

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