14 responses to “Picky Eater Special: Make-Your-Own Taco Salad”

  1. Tessa @ CookSewGrow

    We love taco night, too! Other whole'family favorites are: make your own pizzas, beef stew and meatloaf.

  2. debbie koenig

    We're big on pizza here too, Tessa. Harry just reminded me last night that we're due for some. Beef stew & meatloaf are great for me & Stephen, but oy Harry won't go near them! Too much stuff all combined–he really wants to see each individual thing he's eating, I think.

  3. Vera Marie Badertscher

    That's pretty much the way we make tacos–with individual dishes of ingredients to fill your crispy taco shell. Only thing that I don't use is rice–probably beans instead. (And I'm an authentic Southwesterner 🙂

  4. Jesse

    We also love taco night! I usually do soft tacos for the kids and hard shells for the grown ups…we found that the hard shells were just too difficult for the little ones to eat without becoming frustrated. We typically do some beans along with rice (either black or pinto) and we also do guacamole for our littlest avocado lover. We have found that he will eat tomatoes happily if they are mashed in with avocado, whereas he refuses them in any other fashion. Our kids eat their weight in shredded cheese on taco night, but whatever. They also get in lettuce, olives, beans, and avocado, so I'm usually happy.

  5. debbie koenig

    Oh my gosh, I forgot to mention beans and avocado in the post! *turns away in embarrassment*

    Off to edit…

  6. Di

    Awesome – just in time for taco night, I've been looking for a new recipe too.

  7. Di

    Just wanted to add – WOW! These were great, everyone ate them up! (I had rice, tortillas, lettuce and beans on the side.)

    Adding this to the rotation!

  8. debbie koenig

    Woo hoo, Di! Thanks for reporting back!

  9. sarah henry

    You can utilize the "make-your-own" principle in lots of ways (pizza, pasta, fresh spring rolls, baked potatoes, rice bowl, salad etc.) without extra work for the cook, just put out bowls of fixings and eaters — picky or not — can add their preferred toppings.

  10. WizzyTheStick

    Lovely idea. I usually do this with homemade pizzas:-)

  11. jodi

    What a great idea for making your own tortilla chips! I’ve done it with pitas, but what a no-brainer for tortillas!

  12. KellyF

    My MIL does sort of a chinese version of this she calls haystacks. Rice, cream of chicken soup w/ extra chicken, chinese crispy noodles, a variety of chopped up veggies (diff colored peppers, peas, shredded carrots, sm pieces of broccoli, whatever…), marachinno cherries, pineapple, and whatever chinese-style food you can think of that your munchkins might go for. Plus, you can dr this up for grown-up tastes too. I like to serve and store in storage containers – and snack on extras during the week and make up mini-haystacks.

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