14 responses to “Slow Cooker Winter Vegetable Soup”

  1. Abigail

    sounds like a great, easy recipe. thanks. would collard greens or swiss chard work instead of the escarole?

  2. Liz

    Hi, Debbie – looks like a great recipe but in particular thanks for the link to the question about residual alcohol levels in food. Not something that would *worry* me per se – I also like my alcohol on the side 😉 – but it’s the sort of thing I like to be able to tell people if they ask!

  3. Kelly Kautz

    Yum! I’ve been trying to branch out my vegetable selection, and this looks like a nice way to do it. I also LOVE wheat berries. Can’t wait to try this on a cold Sunday afternoon 🙂

  4. Amy

    This sounds amazing, can’t wait to try. I am slow cooker obsessed these days, having gotten a new one with a timer for the holidays. Has made cooking much easier on the weekends. Ive also taken cues from your blog and don’t worry so much if my kids won’t eat the main dish I make, they can eat the vegs, fruit and noodles and are fine!

  5. MegSmith@Cooking.In.College

    This sounds perfect!

    I bought some wheat berries out of the bulk bin at Sprouts last year and I have had no idea what to do with them. Until now that is.

    As a vegetarian finding recipes for my slow cooker is difficult so I am especially pleased with this!

  6. Amy

    Update-this turned out great. I chopped and assembled ingredients in slow cooker one night after kids went to bed. The house smelled wonderful in the morning and I had a lovely bowl of soup for breakfast. I froze several portions to take to work for lunch, may have eaten more of it now if it were cooler out (this week in the 80s in FL!). Easy to make and it has great flavor. First time I’ve cooked with butternut squash!

  7. Victoria

    My husband does most of our cooking (in fact he’s in the kitchen making a king cake from scratch as I type), so I was really excited to see this recipe which looked easy and healthy. I made some intentional changes: collards instead of escarole, decreased squash, increased carrots, added some parsnip, added dried dill weed, and added bay leaves, and some inadvertent changes: forgot beans and sherry.

    For someone who thinks of all soups/ stews as starting with a mead or rue base, I was very pleasantly surprised by how yummy this is. My only issue is that the wheat berries exploded and are turning a little mushy in the fridge. Overcooked? I had it on low for 4 hours, then wanted to speed it up a little so turned it on high for another 1.5 hours. Still yummy, though. Thanks!

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