10 responses to “Picky Eater Special: Individual Pot Pies”

  1. stee

    oh geez. He’ll only eat 5 things? That’s gotta be so maddening for you. How did the going to bed hungry thing go? Did it make him more open to eating anything?

    Do picky eaters ever evolve into regular eaters as adults? I have to wonder if someday these kids will be attending weddings and business dinners asking for a hot dog or mac&cheese?

  2. Elizabeth Pagel-Hogan

    This is a great idea. I love the idea of acknowledging kid’s food preferences but also having a meal idea that can be easily customized as they add (or eliminate) foods from what they’ll eat. I’d love to link to this post from my website. I published a workbook for kids who are picky eaters and this meal idea would fit perfectly in the workbook!!

  3. Elisabeth

    I was an extremely picky eater, the kind that fell asleep at the dinner table, rather than deign to take a bite of anything served that night. I went to sleep hungry all the time, but somehow mac & cheese, plain cheeseburgers, the Ponderosa salad bar, and pastries got me through to adulthood. And it’s taken me awhile, but now I eat healthy, and treat food like medicine.

    I have a 13-month old who is exactly like me. I’m only hoping it extends to the salad bar, because man is it exhausting trying to find something she will eat. And we’re just one month out of the age of food-for-fun. Ah, karma.

    Keep up the good work, glad to find your blog!

  4. sandra

    oh no! Harry isn’t eating any veggies? My son loves raw veggies. He currently especially likes pickle sized cucumbers, red and yellow peppers (they’re very sweet), carrots, English peas (they’re raw – from Trader Joe’s) and sweet snap peas in their pods. Maybe Harry would like these things raw? Worth a try (if you haven’t already)?

    Also, a friend of mine swears by grated apple and carrot salad.

  5. Shelly

    Try hiding veggies in the food they like. My mom does daycare and when she makes pizza she always adds pureed carrots to the sauce. Sometimes she will make “pink pancakes” with pureed beets. Just blend them up and mix them in…no one will know the difference! You just have to be conscious of what color the veggie is because if it changes the color too much they might not like it because it “looks different.” I was definitely a picky eater and if the food looked weird to me I was convinced I didn’t like it even before I tried it.

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