4 responses to “How to Lose Your Mind While Throwing a Lego Star Wars Party”

  1. Amber

    That Leia minifig is the bomb. As are the little painted details on the storm troopers. So thankful my son can’t see the computer right now, he has no idea that this level of Star Wars Lego birthday awesomeness is legal.

  2. Wendy Boyce

    Been there so many times and yet was literally on the verge of trying to make fondant for my grandsons birthday cake…thanks for reminding me about the ‘crazy’ feeling…worth spending a little extra for pre-made fondant! Super fun read though! Thanks for helping me re-visualize 30 years of birthdays x 3! You won’t regret it later!

  3. Amanda

    Looks awesome! One tip on the fondant sticking everywhere when you roll it out. Instead of cornstarch, use Crisco on your work surface(vegetable shortening), it helps it not stick and gives the fondant a nice sheen which looks nicer than crumbly. Learned that from trial and error. I’m starting work on a Lego movie cake for my almost 7 year old. Wish me luck. 😉

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