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Better Than Sex? (Frozen Grapes)

Mention frozen grapes in any Weight Watchers meeting and listen to the sighs of remembered pleasure. In my meeting a few weeks ago, one member claimed she found them as satisfying—and addictive—as ice cream. Now, I’ve been hearing about the wonders of the frozen grape for close to a decade. They’re no secret. But the level of enthusiasm surpasses anything else I can think of. It’s as if, simply by sticking a tray of grapes into the deep-freeze, the weight will fly off. Actually, no, that’s not what these women are saying. They’re saying that eating these sweet little orbs is nearly akin to sex. Great sex. The gratification they describe has nothing to do with weight loss.

But truth be told, there is an advantage to freezing your grapes, beyond enhancing the flavor: Frozen grapes take longer to eat, so in all likelihood you’ll eat fewer.

In all these years it’s never occurred to me to actually try frozen grapes. They sounded pleasant enough, but I was either too lazy or too skeptical to bother. Come on, could they really be as good as sex? As good as ice cream? But yesterday I bought some nice-enough red grapes and decided to give it a try. I plucked them off their stems, rinsed them and dried them thoroughly, then spread them in a single layer on a cookie sheet lined with paper towels. Stuck them in the freezer. And promptly forgot about them, until this morning.

Oh. My. These are quite something, aren’t they? Their lush little insides do attain a nearly creamy consistency when frozen. And the sweetness is magnified—I tasted a non-frozen grape for comparison, and the frosty one was markedly closer to candy. Who knew? OK, apparently everyone else at Weight Watchers knew. It just took me a while to come around.

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  1. Anonymous

    I concur! Frozen grapes tase AMAZING! I tried this a few days ago on this recommendation and they are fab! Thanks, Hayley x

  2. Dean

    I believe there should be pages of comments about this!

    This is my story on how i got to know these little devils on ice.

    When i was a kid me and my best friend would always go inside after it being so hot since we lived in texas where it's hot and she got me to try these grapes and i jumped cause they were FREEZING cold and i was like "What the heck D:" so i tasted it and it was like…oh my god…just woah…

    Since then when mom buys grapes i beg to have them be frozen and be all mine ALL MINE?!?!! <3

    Best thing to do is use little baggies and put them in your lunch or eat them while going to school/work or something c:

    then eating icecream all the time
    or pizza or some crap like that

    This WOULD help you lose weight

    Think about it?

    You always snack out on icecream
    every few days of the week just
    a little thing of it, then
    switch over to frozen grapes and have those in place of icecream then you aren't getting fat and such! =D

  3. twilliams0314

    Seriously? I mean, based on the title, I was expecting something amazing. So I did this. As in, I stuck my grapes in the freezer the second I read this.

    They're grapes…but frozen. No miracle here! It tastes like a grape but has the addition of hurting my teeth.

    If these are better than sex…y'all need new partners!

  4. debbie koenig

    Shucks, twilliams, I'm sorry to hear you were disappointed. Sounds like you're having some pretty amazing sex, though, so it's not all bad 😉

  5. Emanuel

    The key is to not have your freezer on a ridiculously high (low temperature) setting. It has to be somewhere in the middle. The get froze on the outside, but are soft on the inside-and effing delicious.

  6. Judy

    I have been enjoying frozen grapes for the past few weeks. I think I'm becoming addicted. 🙂 No need to use a tray. I just wash, remove from stems, put them in sandwich bags and freeze. They don't stick together.

    Blueberries do, but if you just drop them on the counter (like you drop a bag of ice on the floor) to separate them, they are great! I did blueberries like I do grapes. Wash and put in bags. Simple!

  7. debbie koenig

    Judy, someone else told me they don't stick together but I haven't had a chance to try it out yet. Thanks for the tip!

  8. Anonymous

    Frozen grapes are wonderous! But, just a hint …. try them this way… I take them out of the freezer and let thaw just til they start to get a little moisture (not much.. just a little) and then roll them in powdered sugar…. When I worked for the Alaska State Troopers, I got many of them hooked on these.

  9. Garrett

    I just take mine off the stems put them in a bowl and put em in the freezer and they turn out great and they dont stick together

  10. Heidi

    They work great as ice cubes as well, just pop a few in a drink (lemonade or water works well) for extra flavour and chill.

  11. Braydon

    I have literally been having frozen grapes since I was months old. My mom used them as a teething thing for me cuz the coldness helped sooth my gums. Now 16 years later I still eat them but now not to sooth my guns but as a replacement for sugary candy and treats.

  12. Miya

    I’m eating them now as we speak. They’re good & sweetness lasts longer than none frozen grapes.

    They’re not better than sex though!

    Good..but not THAT good.

    1. Tone

      Totally agree. They’re awesome, but no where near better than sex. Now I have a few ideas they can be added while having sex.

  13. Hannah

    does it matter what kind of grape; green/red?

    1. Debbie Koenig

      Hi Hannah. Nope, no difference! Whichever you prefer. Personally, although I usually choose red grapes over green in their natural state, I like the frozen ones best in green.

  14. molly

    delicious. and yes, you will loose weight by eating grapes. you cannot over eat fruit. period. our brains run off of glucose.. eat fruit for a couple days, and gain energy and move your body and rest and wake up without digestive issues. clear up your skin. eat fruit. it’s got protein. don’t believe me? check

    1. Debbie Koenig

      Hi Molly. I’d argue with you about overeating fruit–when I was losing 100 lbs 15 years ago, I was eating something like 9 or 10 pieces of fruit/day. That’s A LOT of fruit. Weight loss stalled completely until I cut back. And diabetics can eat fruit, of course, but they can’t eat it with abandon. That sugar does still count in the end!

    2. Derek H

      Completely wrong. ALL fruit has calories, and obviously they’re mostly sugar. Saying that you CANNOT overeat grapes is ignoring biology and thermodynamics. Fruit is a tasty, comparatively healthy snack.

      Oh, and your brain doesn’t run only on fructose. Your brain needs a considerable amount of fat and protein (way moreso than carbs) to operate efficiently.

      If you want to lose weigh, consume less calories than you burn. That’s all. You can eat twenty pounds of healthy food and pretend like it’s still healthy, but guess what? It’s still twenty pounds of food.

      1. Debbie Koenig

        Hi Derek. Re: the calories in/calories out thing, science isn’t so sure about that any more. For instance, calories from processed sugars (as opposed to the fructose in fruit or the lactose in milk) seem to be used differently by our bodies. 100 calories in soda may not be the same as 100 calories in grapes. Lots of exciting research going on around this! There’s so much still to discover.

        Plus the bulk/fiber in fruit means that your theoretical 20 pounds of grapes takes up considerably more belly space than 20 lbs of soda for considerably fewer calories, and keeps you feeling full longer. They’re definitely NOT equivalent by weight.

  15. Helen

    Love frozen grapes. Frozen banana is fab, too, but make sure you peel, slice and separate the slices before freezing!

  16. Trix

    Well when I switched to a vegetarian mostly fruit and vegetable diet, I instantly started losing weight. I’m about fifteen pounds lighter than I was six months ago. I don’t count calories. I don’t worry about eating too many fruits or vegetables. I don’t think weight gain is caused by a few extra grapes or carrot sticks. Maybe a few more slices of pizza or cake. The types of calories are way different.

  17. Johanne

    Girlfriend if frozen grapes are better than sex you need to spend the night with my man…

  18. Alyce

    What about freezing them for jelly? I have Valiant grapes growing in the yard but no time to prices them for next two months. Will they still be good for making jelly I do this with other wild berries.

  19. Andrew

    Last night I put them in the freezer to chill a little but I ended up falling asleep and forgot about them ( usually it’s a bottle of wine or beer…lol). l I just home from work and remembered I left them in the freezer. pulled them out and they looked really good tried one and now I’m hooked. Got a new snack!!

  20. UVA

    Well, I just had sex with a frozen grape, and yes …it was good haha

  21. Nora Jean

    Frozen red grapes are way sweeter than green! So yummy!

  22. Nora Jean

    They’re not better than sex though!

  23. Candice

    Pop them in a glass of wine that needs a slight chilling… enjoy!

  24. gianna

    Eating them as we speak. Got home from school today to find that mum had just bought in some grapes. YUSSS i thought. I Grabbed a handful and put them into a snaplock bag. While i was studying all i could think about was those grapes. (2 hours later) all gone. Simply amazing
    Kinda reminded me of those frozen berry mixes

  25. Izzy

    We’ve got 5 in our household. I’ll buy two containers of grapes from Costco, pick and wash 1 1/2 containers worth and stick them in a large colander outside for 30-60 min. Once dry, I’ll pour them into a large mixing bowl and stick them in our outside freezer. By the next morning they’re perfect and not stuck together. They last for weeks – even months… come to think of it, I haven’t ever noticed freezer burn.

  26. Rachelle M. (Richmond VA)

    I am addicted to frozen grapes! I’ve now passed my addiction on to my daughter and we constantly fight over who can eat the last! The cotton candy flavored grapes are the best frozen, hands down, but seedless red raisin are pretty awesome too. They are the perfect anytime snack but definitely a must for evening TV watching. They have replaced my previous ranch sunflower seed addiction. LOL one small treat to another…oh well. Sex smex…gimme a frozen grape! They last longer…..

    1. michelle

      what are the cotton candy flavored ones? those sound amazing…

  27. Maria

    Having tried several different kinds of frozen grapes (and tried them from friends’ freezers and stuff too), I’ve found most of them mediocre, and some tasty (although the texture always feels ‘bleh’ to me, that comes down to pretty personal preferences)

    I also feel like y’all must be having pretty awful sex. Even foods I do find spectacularly amazing don’t compare to sex, even ‘boring’ sex.

  28. Katie Hillman

    I am eating frozen grapes right now. Absolutely scrumptous. Love! I am on weight watchers and it is my go too snack. Losing weight consistently and I eat a zip lock bag everyday. Down to 118 and don’t feel like I am going without. I love frozed grapes

  29. Montra Freitas

    Cotton candy grapes are now in season, I just bought two containers of them at Costco in Lodi, CA. I can’t wait to try them frozen!

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