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Happy 103rd, Little Gram!

I’m guessing you probably can’t read the text of this article, but it’s all about S’s great-grandmother. Little Gram turns 103 today!

She’s the only person I know who’s still kicking past 90, and she’s one of my favorite people in the world. When S and I had been dating for less than a year, I went with him to a family celebration. It was the second or third time I’d met everyone, but I was still nervous. Little Gram treated me like an old friend–like a good friend’s granddaughter, in fact–and kissed me several times before telling me quietly “I don’t really know you yet, but I love you.” This tiny little woman–she comes up to just above my elbow–welcomed me in such a genuine way I nearly cried. I was ready to marry S after that.

I’m a little weak now from the Colon Blow, or else I’d write more. Last night ended up being pretty eventful, complete with call to 911. The lesson: don’t take a whole Ambien on a truly empty stomach. Mom, if you’re reading this, everything’s fine now. We’re off to the hospital in about two hours. I just can’t wait for all this to be over already. It’s not so much the not eating (although I’d kill for a piece of white bread right now) as it is the weakness, the shakiness, the headache. It’s become quite unpleasant, and I know the worst is yet to come. If I’m collapsing under the pressure of this, imagine how I’ll handle actual surgery!

Think good thoughts for me, please.

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