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I haven’t blogged in a long, long time. Some of you have been kind enough to write me, to ask if I plan to resume any time soon. While I wish I could answer “Absolutely, yes!,” I’m just not sure I’m up to it. But tonight I’m inspired. For the first time in a very long time I’m optimistic, not just about my small world, the world of my family and friends, but the larger world out there. The world Harry is going to inherit from us.

At about ten minutes after eleven tonight, once Stephen and I had settled down from our disbelieving euphoria a bit, we went into Harry’s room. He’s 26 months old now and almost unbearably happy (most of the time–he’s still a toddler, after all), verbal and inquisitive and absolutely oblivious to any danger the world might present. Stephen and I go into his room every night while he’s sleeping, just before I go to bed myself, to kiss him quietly and, yes, make sure he’s still breathing. Tonight we sat next to his bed and hugged him and kissed him and rubbed his blanket sleeper-covered belly, and cried. We must’ve been in there for a good ten minutes, marveling over him, and marveling over what a different world we’re suddenly living in. What a better world he’s going to inherit. I hope.

OK, enough with the maudlin. Here’s a video clip Stephen shot earlier today. We’d just returned home from voting, and here in NY we’ve still got those old-school manual voting booths, the ones with the giant levers. Harry was thrilled that both of us were able to bring him into the booth to vote. Dude actually cast two ballots! And when we got home, Harry noticed that we had something in our living room that’s very much like a voting booth, at least in his mind. He must’ve cast another twenty or so ballots over the course of the day today. Looks like they all counted.

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