Quickie Links

Here’s some random stuff that’s caught my eye recently…

ChowMama’s open letter to the powers that be at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, pleading with them to offer more healthy food options in the café. I agree, even if I would crawl a mile over broken glass for their chicken fingers.

Freelance writer/mom Peggy Bourjaily’s charming new blog, devoted to eating as well as Alice Waters while raising a toddler: Alice Waters Abridged.

This afternoon’s rainy day activity with Harry: Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal Cookies, from Baking Bites. Think I’ll add some ground flaxmeal to make them extra-extra healthy.

The Kitchn did my research for me: Which oil mister to buy. Yay!

Thinking we’ll take Harry to Abmas’s Farm Market this weekend—it’ll satisfy my yen for interesting farm shopping and let him run around with farm animals. Google Maps says it’s only 45 mins from Williamsburg. Via Serious Eats.

Coming soon: An exciting announcement concerning Words to Eat By and A Child Grows in Brooklyn!