Watch This Space–But Wait a Day or Two, Willya?

Well, I did it. I finally noticed that Words to Eat By is looking a little shabby. It’s been almost five years now, and the upholstery’s starting to get that threadbare sheen. I appreciate how tactful you’ve been, averting your gaze to spare my feelings, but eventually I caught on: This layout is tired, and should be retired. Time for a change!

In a day or two (god willing), this here blog will have a whole new look. I’m thrilled with the layouts I’ve seen, as designed by the wonderful-to-work-with BlogBunnie, aka sex columnist Isabella Snow. She’s been endlessly patient, considering how many borderline-inane questions I asked along the way.

As part of the redesign, WTEB will go down for a few hours tomorrow. Hopefully that’s all it’ll take before we’re up and running again! I imagine there will be some bugs to work through, so please be patient. And once we are up and running, expect loads of new recipes and tips; I’ve got a stockpile to write up.

If you’re curious about the new look and just can’t wait, become a Facebook fan of WTEB! Those lucky people have already had a look at the layout, and the reaction’s been 100% positive (phew). Another benefit of becoming a fan: I’ll be running Facebook-exclusive giveaways! Yeah, I know, it’s crass. But these are dog-eat-dog times in the food blogging world. A girl’s gotta do…

Eh, I don’t know. But if you’d like sneak peeks at upcoming posts and quick links to other interesting food stuff, become an official fan. Or not. Really, it’s up to you. Either way, you’ll see the new look of Words to Eat By eventually.