Get in on the Julie/Julia Action

So maybe I wasn’t invited to the special food bloggers’ screening of Julie & Julia. I’m not hurt. Really, I’m not. And maybe WTEB isn’t a “blog of the day” on Sony Pictures’ site for the movie. (Pardon me for a moment. I’ve, uh, got something in my eye. There, that’s better.) Whatever. I still want to see the movie, I’ll happily spend $12.50 thank you very much, and I still love Julia’s books. I also love my friend at Knopf, Julia’s publisher, who sent me the link to a rather nifty contest they’re running as part of the hoopla.

Be Like Julie: Cook From Julia is an intriguing way for us little people, the ones who don’t get invited to the fancy stuff, to join in the fun. And entering looks super-easy: All you have to do is throw a dinner party* inspired by Mastering the Art of French Cooking, then either blog about it and send Knopf the link, or just add photos to the Flickr pool Knopf has set up. (Complete rules are on the contest site.)

Oh. You’re wondering about the prize. It may not be as glamorous as a movie screening, but it’s still pretty darn great, especially if you’re into the whole Julie/Julia thing because of, y’know, the food: A complete set of Julia Child’s cookbooks, PLUS an enormous Le Creuset Dutch oven (that’s Big Blue, for those playing at home), PLUS a subscription to Bon App, PLUS some Bon App cookbooks. That don’t stink, right?

One more incentive to play: I’m pretty sure I’m disqualified because of my Random House connections. Plus, I’ve got too much Le Creuset already (sacre bleu!), so I won’t be entering. There, now you’ve got a chance to win. You’re welcome.

*I’m no legal expert, but I’m pretty sure “throw a dinner party” could mean “make a really nice dinner for your family, with the good dishes & pretty accouterments.”