My Kitchen Looks Nothing Like This

Kitchen Tour (version 3.0) from Food52 on Vimeo.

Amanda Hesser, I don’t know whether to hate you or try to meet & befriend you, so that one day I might have the great thrill of cooking in your spectacular kitchen. I already follow you on Twitter; perhaps some stalking is in order.

I jest. Mostly.

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  1. Lee

    Wow, her kitchen is awesome! I might steal the shelves for plates idea. We also need a place to store our millions of cookbooks. I imagine our kitchen is about the size of an average Brooklyn apt.

    Interesting thing she said at the end of the video about all of our memories tied up with food. I agree, but I also think it's also a symptom of some of the health problems we (as a society) have today. Our relationship with food is more emotional than it is for survival!

  2. debbie koenig

    "I imagine our kitchen is about the size of an average Brooklyn apt. "

    Are you trying to kill me?

    I lined an empty wall above a radiator in the kitchen w/shelves for my cookbooks. There's no room for any more, but at least they all fit!

  3. Lee

    No no, I mean my kitchen is probably the same size as an average kitchen in a Brooklyn apartment. LOL!!

  4. debbie koenig

    Phew! Thanks for clarifying. Now I can get back to coveting Amanda Hesser's kitchen.

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