It Had to Happen

(Move along, nothing to see here—unless you’re interested in my Weight Watchers progress…)

I gained weight this week. Six-tenths of a pound, so it’s not much, and I definitely had it coming. I, uh, overdid things a bit over the course of the week. Several times, in fact.

It started with that brisket. Oh, it was good. I savored every mouthful at dinner one night and lunch the next. If a pair of brisket feasts had been my big splurge I’d be just fine, but ordering in Thai food the next night—and compounding that with a terrific dinner with a friend the next, during which I drank half a bottle of (wonderful, rich, deeply satisfying) red wine… Like I said, I earned that gain.

If it sounds like I’m ok with it, that’s because I am. This week. One time. It’s my first gain since I started back on program eight weeks ago—not bad, not bad. Over the course of the three years it took me to lose 100 pounds, I had more than a few up weeks. The point is, you just keep plugging. As they say (repeatedly, and annoyingly) on The Biggest Loser, this is a journey. A single gain doesn’t make or break me. In total, I’m down just shy of 15 pounds, only 10 pounds away from my wedding weight. People are starting to notice the loss—and if I hadn’t re-upped with WW, who knows how much more I might have packed on instead.

Today starts another week. I feel good.

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  1. DailyChef

    When you're enjoying good food and wine with good friends, that's a good kind of weight gain. Definitely different from eating junk food alone. Like you, I say that kind of week is worth it!

  2. Liz Anderson

    I think there's a big difference between the gain you have a hard time regretting (excellent, once-in-a-while foods with great company) and the gain you do (the whole bag of Oreos in front of middle-of-the-night television). For the former, I call anything under a pound breaking even. 🙂

  3. growfamilygrow

    Thanks. I needed to hear this today as I fell off the wagon this week.

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