High Plains Bison: It’s What’s for Dinner

High Plains Bison: It’s What’s for Dinner

A few minutes ago, the doorbell rang. Deadline Hell Week continues (I know, it’s supposed to be seven days, but such is life) so I asked Stephen if he could get it. Except when Stephen’s in his office with the a/c on he can’t hear me, so when I said “asked” you should know that meant “shouted at the top of my lungs.” And still he didn’t hear me. So I got up and dragged myself down the hall and out our apartment door, grumbling the whole time about how ridiculous it is that I always have to answer the doorbell. Yes, these are the things that get my goat.

And then I opened the front door, to find the FedEx man holding this:

It’s for me. A big ol’ box of bison meat, courtesy of High Plains Bison. I forgave Stephen immediately.

Inside were three sweet little cartons, packed with dry ice: Ribeye Steaks, Italian Sausage, and Hot Dogs (score! My kid, he loves hot dogs). Bison is seriously low in fat and cholesterol (like, lower than chicken!), which makes it 100% Weight Watchers friendly. Tonight we’re feasting on steak, baby, and naturally I’ll report back here. Since it just arrived I haven’t quite figured out what I’m going to serve with it, though.


PS I almost forgot: High Plains provided a discount code to use when ordering. It’ll get you 20% off, which ain’t bad. Just please note that although you’ll add the code, EATGOOD22, on the cart page, the discount won’t show up until the billing page. Just have a little faith, and all will be well.