Holiday Goodies Week: Shirts That Go

Holiday Goodies Week: Shirts That Go

This here is one vehicle-loving kid. Note that he’s holding trains while wearing a fire truck, and behind him are a crane, a dump truck, a helicopter, and a full-fledged fire station.

Today is the last day of Holiday Goodies Week. Awwww. I’ve had a blast introducing you to some of my favorite small-scale companies and their products—hope you enjoyed it, too, and took advantage of some of those offers! Today’s also Black Friday. Now, I never, never, never go shopping on Black Friday (all those people make me jittery), but I do like a good find. So today I’ve got three different products to introduce! Two have discount offers, and one is a giveaway…

First up is Shirts That Go.

Do you know a child who’s vehicle-obsessed? I sure do. He’s about three-and-a-half feet tall, 35 pounds, gap-toothed smile, and he has so many toy vehicles crammed into his bedroom that he pretty much sleeps on a bed of train tracks. I swear on my Le Creuset, Harry’s first word was digger (“didig”). Currently he’s preoccupied with all things Cars and all things fire truck. And like so many of us, my son likes to wear his feelings on his sleeve—or more accurately, on his chest. He’s got nearly as many items of clothing with vehicles on them as he does toys. And one of his favorites is that fire truck shirt he’s wearing in the picture, a Shirts That Go original.

Shirts That Go is a relatively new company, entirely devoted to shirts with, well, things that go on them. Every design is their own, which makes these shirts really special—no silkscreening a photograph here. They’ve got airplanes and cement trucks, three different trains and a motorcycle, and they just launched a pirate ship. Coming very soon is a shirt that I take some responsibility for: an ice cream truck. Over the summer Harry was so Pavlovian about the darn tinkling music that I asked Nick, the owner of Shirts That Go, to create a shirt with one of them on it. That is one customer-friendly company, folks! Also new: long sleeves are now an option.

So here’s the deal, exclusive for readers of this here blog: Enter the code wordstoeatby for 10% off any single shirt. Normally the discount doesn’t kick in until you order multiples, and in fact it gets higher the more you buy so you might just want to stock up.

One thing to note when ordering: These are American Apparel shirts, and they shrink a surprising amount. Buy one size larger than you think you’ll need.

Coming later today, two more offers: One for the cookbook-obsessed, and one for sheer fun.