Holiday Goodies Week: Dragonfly Sugarworks

Holiday Goodies Week: Dragonfly Sugarworks

First, happy Thanksgiving! I know it’s called “Holiday Goodies Week,” but it doesn’t actually stop for holidays. I hope you’re having a fantastic day filled with good food and even better spirits. (And if you’re a little nervous about overindulging, here are some tips on how to enjoy the day without bursting out of your pants.)

Now, on to today’s Goodie, amazing maple syrup from Dragonfly Sugarworks.

This summer Stephen, Harry, and I spent a week up in Burlington, Vermont. We did all the touristy things you’d expect food-lovers to do: Ben & Jerry’s factory, Shelburne Farms, City Market (which, by the way, I loved so much I was ready to pack up and move to Burlington). We did an awful lot of cooking on the grill (some meals were more successful than others). And on our way out of town we made one last food stop, at the Burlington Farmers’ Market.

It’s very, very different from New York City’s farmers’ markets—while Greenmarket keeps ours focused very much on produce, meats, and other basics from area farmers, Burlington’s seemed to be much more about prepared foods and even crafts. So many things to nibble! I wandered around in a daze, wondering which treats were most worthy of my Weight Watchers points. The first booth that really caught my eye: Dragonfly Sugarworks—on the table was a row of elegant bottles. Each contained an amber liquid with a slightly different hue. The man running the booth was talking a customer through a tasting, discussing the attributes of each variety, just like you’d see at a vineyard. Except this was maple syrup.

Once that customer made his purchase and left (because he did, of course, make a purchase), it was my turn. I must’ve spent 20 minutes there, tasting and talking. Every single syrup was good, but my pick for an all-around syrup was the Grade A Dark Amber—it was seriously mapley, so it would work well in recipes, but still mellow enough to pour over pancakes.

My original bottle is long gone now, and I’m itching for more. So, generous (and ingenious) woman that I am, I wrote to the owners to see if they’d like to offer my readers—and me—a deal. Since they’re a tiny, tiny company, a true mom-and-pop, it’s not a huge discount—5%—but Dragonfly’s syrup is so good, you won’t regret spending a tiny bit more. And the packaging is so lovely, you’ll be tempted to it give as a gift. Which I did.

So head on over there, put some astoundingly good maple syrup in your cart, and use the code dragon5 at checkout for 5% off all orders.

Tune in tomorrow, for still more special offers AND another giveaway.

Gobble gobble.

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