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(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Leak

My currently-inaccessible cookbook collection

The wall on which my cookbook collection was nearly drowned. Water was running down the wall and spraying from the ceiling light fixture. I could’ve taken a shower under it, had I wanted to bathe in rusty brown liquid

The kitchen table, buried under flotsam & jetsam moved from other leaky spots

One of two leaking windows, with multiple receptacles, each of which was emptied several times

That big rain storm the other day? Our kitchen had big fat leakage, from ten separate spots. The fix-it man was here on Monday and he thinks he got everything, but asked us to wait until the next storm (forecast for tomorrow) to make sure before moving everything back. Which means that my cooking life is currently, how shall I put this, chaotic. I like a clean kitchen before I start to cook, with everything where it’s supposed to be so I can work efficiently. The current state of things is making me crazy.

Last night we had a living-room picnic, turkey sandwiches. Tonight I’m actually cooking! Thank the lord (and my mom) for my trusty slow cooker. And thank Rachel Rappaport at Coconut & Lime for this amazing-looking Fruity Pulled Chicken recipe, which is currently stewing away. Gotta love a throw-everything-in-and-ignore-it recipe at times like this.

My friends, don’t expect much in the way of new recipes until things go back to normal. And if you live in Brooklyn and would like dinner guests, just let me know.

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  1. pekenoe

    Major bummer, hate leaks anywhere but esp nasty to paper stuff. Hope you get it repaired soon.

  2. Rose

    Sorry about the water damage and what it will take to repair and restore.

    Good that you were able to rescue your books though.

    Enjoy your blog. Hang in there.

  3. debbie koenig

    Thanks, pekenoe & Rose. I'm hoping things will go back to normal within a few days, but who knows.

  4. Healthy Mamma

    Oh No! That stinks! I would die if my books were damaged. A pipe to our pool burst last week and we woke up to a lake in our backyard. Literally, there were DUCKS swimming in our desert yard.

  5. Cori Taylor

    Yikes! Best of luck, and God bless you & your family during this crazy weather. I hope the repairs aren't too costly and that your kitchen is back in order shortly.

  6. sarah henry

    that's one impressive cookbook collection.

  7. Amy @ A Little Nosh

    Holy cow that's a lot of cookbooks!

  8. debbie koenig

    Yes, it is a lot of cookbooks! And they're still in the hallway, sadly. We've been waiting for a big enough storm to convince us that the leaks are really & truly fixed, and so far it hasn't happened. Last night's was pretty heavy, though, and there were no leaks, so maybe we're in the clear. Fingers crossed!

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