Just in Time for Passover: All Praise the Potato

Have you heard about this ludicrous bribe-the-bloggers campaign dreamed up by a flack for that famous faux stuffing mix? I won’t be using the brand name since I don’t want to give them any more publicity, but it’s the one you think of when you hear “pre-fab stuffing.”

Anyway, a food writer friend, Charmian Christie of Christie’s Corner, shared their pitch with me. They’re offering the chance (that’s right, just the chance) to win a $100 gift card if you write a humorous blog post that slams the potato, in favor of their brand:

We’re inviting the blogosphere to participate in a contest to create humorous posts about how potatoes are a boring alternative to [name brand] Stuffing Mix. By providing creative, funny and memorable content that takes a jab at potatoes as “boring,” we want to encourage families to consider [name brand] Stuffing Mix as an everyday and easy-to-make side dish alternative to instant potatoes. [name brand] Stuffing Mix is so “un-boring” it’s the “un-potato!”

Now, fine. They want to promote their highly processed product. But why does it have to be at the expense of a natural, straight-from-the-ground food? Yes, at the end they specify it should be a poke at instant potatoes, but somehow I think most bloggers who are prone to be receptive to their offer won’t read this very closely.

Anyone who cares at all about eating healthfully and feeding their families fewer processed foods can knock this one out of the park. In favor of potatoes, I mean.
A few examples, from other food writers:
I’m pretty sure there will be more. Lots, lots more, I hope. If you’re on Twitter, follow the brand’s suggested hashtag, #unpotatofest, to watch the fun unspool. And if you write a pro-tater post yourself, send me the link and I’ll add it here.