Winners! We have winners!

First, thank you to all who entered the Let’s Launch Debbie’s New Site giveaway! I’m touched to see so many old friends, and to make so many new ones.

Now, on to what you’ve been waiting for: The winners, all selected via Each of you will receive a galley copy of Parents Need to Eat Too

First up is Brooke! She’s got a 2-year-old and a 9-month-old, so I have a feeling she really needs this book. Yay, Brooke!

Next, Sadie, who’s a new reader. Welcome, Sadie!

And finally, a name I must admit I was thrilled to see come up as a winner, Martha! Martha was one of my top recipe testers for the book, and I’m just tickled pink to know that one of those fantastic women will be receiving an early copy.

Check your in-boxes, ladies.


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  1. Brooke

    WOW!! I never win anything! Yes, I need this book! I am a busy mother. I mostly stay at home but work part time (sporadically) at a birthing center/OBGYN office. I also do doula work and meet many many new mothers. I can’t wait to test this out and recommend it. This book will touch many lives!

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