Booklist Raves About Parents Need to Eat Too!

Look what just landed in my in-box:

This blogger is clever. Koenig deliberately segments the types of issues a new mom or dad might have in the kitchen, from what to put in the pantry or how to maneuver around a sleeping cherub to the fixing of quick suppers and batch cooking. Almost every scenario is covered. Got a spouse who’s a klutz in the kitchen? There is a good handful of unrecipes that translate into microwavable convenience, such as baked potatoes with add-on proteins. Not enough time to truly eat well, but need to stop snacking on evil foods? Koenig has great suggestions, including how to freeze grapes and compiling a nursing snack-basket. The 150 recipes represent merely a start; the true bonus in this book is her wealth of tips and pragmatic suggestions, including shopping with a baby, best foods for a pantry, cooking in stages, basic safety items, and nutritional needs while nursing. To round out her array of good foods and even better recommendations, each recipe features at least one kudo from a reader/mom/dad as well as how well the particular dish would translate into the makings of baby food. It’s smart eating, no matter what your child status.

—Barbara Jacobs, Booklist

Warning: Book-publishing-wonkery ahead…

Booklist, in case you’re wondering, is the book-review magazine of the American Library Association. It’s one of several trade publications that provide what publishing folks, including former ones like me, call “pre-pub” reviews. Which, you guessed it, are reviews that run before a book is out, typically intended to help booksellers and libraries decide which books to stock.