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it looks just like me!

Me. Illustrated with Crappy Pictures

debbie koenig
it looks just like me!

It’s not every day you get Crappy Picture-ized.

My blog tour is in full swing (running list of appearances here!), and I adore every single blog that’s fawning over mentioning me and my book, but dude. I’ve been rendered in a 100% authentic, verified, Amber-ized Crappy Picture. As I’ve said before, Amber Dusick of Parenting. Illustrated with Crappy Pictures is an old friend and it’s been downright thrilling to see her explode into the cyber-stratosphere. (Did you know she’s been nominated for a Bloggie, in the Best Parenting Blog category? That’s like the Academy Awards of Blogging, folks!)

So when Amber signed up to be a stop on the blog tour for Parents Need to Eat Too, I did the happiest of happy dances. And now look! She illustrated me! And my book! I can die happy now. Oh, and also this:

the best homemade chocolate chip cookie in the entire world
the king of cookies! and it’s mine!

She loves my chocolate chip cookie recipe so much, she illustrated one.

My book is the prize in Amber’s first-ever giveaway. So if you’d like a chance to win, scoot on over there now.

But Amber’s not the only one doing a giveaway. Far from it! You can also enter to win at:

And more are coming this week. Seriously, there are so many chances to win, you may not need to buy a copy. But if you do, and you pre-order, don’t forget to send me your receipt to get a free Digital Starter Kit!

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  1. Amber

    Yay! Thanks, Debbie!

  2. meri

    I love Crappy Pictures:-) That is great.

    1. Debbie Koenig

      Oooo, good idea Casey! I was thinking I should re-design my blog (again) just so I can use it in the header…

  3. sarah henry

    Just “discovered” the crappy picture gal’s blog. Great concept for a parenting blog. Seems like you’re getting picked up all over the place, Deb. Congrats.

    1. Debbie Koenig

      Thanks, Sarah! I consider myself lucky that I knew Amber before she became “Amber.”

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