My New Weight Watchers Blog: Feed the Parents

My New Weight Watchers Blog: Feed the Parents

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Weight Watchers holds a very special place in my heart. There’s the whole I Lost 100 Pounds thing, of course. And the I Lost the 25 Pounds I Gained Writing a Cookbook thing. But there’s also something else, a significance in my professional life: Weight Watchers was my first food-writing client.

Not long after I shared with the world some deeply personal business involving my ladyparts, I received a fan letter from an editor there. She was having similar fertility issues, in addition to sharing my love of food. We met for coffee and hit it off, and very (very) soon after, both of us were pregnant. I was just leaving the first trimester when she wrote to see if I’d be game for an assignment, which turned out to be this piece on easy Passover lunches.

Long story short, in time we both had our babies, she left Weight Watchers for another gig, and I kept working with her replacement. Six years later, we’re still friends and I’m still working with WW. It’s probably just as uncool to admit to a favorite client as it is to admit to a favorite child, but I’ll be uncool: Weight Watchers is my favorite writing client. The connection runs too deep for anyone else to come close.

And starting last week, I blog for them. My blog is called “Feed the Parents,” and in it I’ll focus on taking care of yourself while juggling a busy family life. Kinda like what I did in my cookbook only for parents of all ages, much more diet-focused, and even more you-focused. I’ll be blogging there twice a week, in addition to my regular posts on BabyCenter and, of course, right here. That’s a lot of blogging! Methinks a schedule will be necessary. Stay tuned.

If you’re at all interested in eating healthy, and raising kids who eat healthy because it’s just the way life is, I hope you’ll join me there. And leave comments, please! I’ll be just as chatty at Weight Watchers as I am at Parents Need to Eat Too.