How to Lose Weight During the Holidays

How to Lose Weight During the Holidays

a healthy thanksgiving spread

Raise your hand if you think you can lose weight during the holidays. Anybody?

Throughout my teens and twenties, the period between Halloween and New Year’s Eve served one purpose: Getting in my last licks before starting a diet on January 1st. I’d routinely pack on 10 or more pounds in those 12 weeks. I believed that was unavoidable. I was wrong.

At age 29 I got into therapy, and got serious about losing all that weight. By Thanksgiving 1995, I’d dropped about 70 pounds. I thought I’d sail through a festive meal with my family, which rivals the Costanza clan for, um, emphatic conversation. You can guess how that went—but in the years that followed, I figured out three simple rules for losing weight during the holiday season. Yes, I said losing weight, not just maintaining. With these rules, January 1st is nothing to fear.

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