4 responses to “The Easiest French Fries Ever”

  1. Tia

    hmmm… so did you like this method? i couldn't quite tell from hyour post. i usually deep fry the old way. but i'm intrigued by this. thanks!

  2. debbie koenig

    Oh yes, I definitely liked it! If you normally deep-fry your potatoes this is MUCH easier for similar results. I'm just not ready to give up baking them.

  3. Ellen

    Interesting. I had heard that soaking the fries in cold water first was the trick! Either way, I still usually just lightly coat in oil (and seasonings) and bake.

  4. marthaandme

    I never make fries for the same reason as you – too fattening! I'd always read the secret was frying them twice. I find I don't even like most fries in restaurants which frees me to eat something healthier there too.

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