14 responses to “Roasted Vegetable Pizza (with Roasted Tomato Sauce)”

  1. marthaandme

    Yummy! I love pizza and I love to load mine up with veggies too.

  2. jeanneeatsworld

    YUM! That looks really delicious.

  3. Sarah

    Brilliant! I love your description of how you made Harry's portion different. That is something I am really, really struggling with right now–and mostly opting to not even deal with, let alone succeeding. Anyway, I just loved the way you were keeping it real in this post, you know?

  4. debbie koenig

    Thanks, Sarah! Honestly, I'm not trying very hard w/Harry these days. What he eats, he eats. I'm not making separate meals for him, but I'm also not forcing him to try stuff. If he doesn't like dinner he's allowed to grab a yogurt, but that's it. Someday, I imagine, he'll knock my socks off by asking for a vegetable.

  5. DailyChef

    Looks delicious! I really like veggie pizzas.

  6. jesse

    Looks great! How is this dough in terms of rolling it out? The one thing i always struggle with is tossing the dough/rolling it out. Pizza dough just never seems to cooperate with me. Any tricks?

  7. Scott K

    This looks delicious! We love to make pizza a home because you can really control what goes into it. These are some of our favories: http://fightthefatfoodie.blogspot.com/search/label/Pizza

  8. debbie koenig

    Jesse, I have two tips for rolling out dough: 1. use your hands, not a rolling pin. I read somewhere that rolling is actually counterproductive w/pizza dough, can't remember why… 2. If it seems to shrink back every time you try to stretch it, walk away for a little while. Let the dough rest, then try again.

    Scott: Thanks for the link! Off to check it out…

  9. lindsay

    Novice question: on which rack did you place the tomatoes and vegetables? And did you use the same rack for the pizza?

  10. debbie koenig

    Lindsay, do you mean which rack in the oven? It went in the middle, both times.

  11. lindsay

    Sorry, I'm a dolt. What does this mean: "position racks in the upper and lower thirds?" That implies not the middle to me?

  12. debbie koenig

    Oh my gosh, Lindsay, *I'm* the dolt! I totally missed that. The vegetables do use both racks, but the pizza goes in the middle. I fixed the recipe–let me know if it's not clear now.

  13. lindsay

    Thank you, makes total sense now! We non-cooks need significant guidance, I'm afraid.

  14. dining table

    Wow! This is one very healthy pizza! I like it so much. I want to try to make some.

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