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  1. Joy

    Yesterday, I noticed that most of what I eat is roughly the same as ever because I don't eat anything boxed or packaged I guess. The major impact on me will probably be wine. Used to be two glasses of wine was 4 points; now it's 7. Given all the extra points though I don't think it will be a big deal. Thanks to Thanksgiving, I managed to gain 5 pounds this week and therefore shifted from "maintenance" back to "weight loss" mode which will probably give me a pretty strong sense as to how well the new program works for me. I am interested to see what happens. And annoyed that I have to re-enter so many of the recipes I've already saved in the system. Some updated and some didn't. Annoying!

  2. debbie koenig

    Joy, I'm right there with you on the frustration wrt existing recipes. Mostly I just did the "lalala I can't see you" thing when I came across one of those red exclamation points. I have a theory wrt why some recipes converted and others didn't, but I haven't had time to investigate.

  3. Ellen

    I am planning on joining soon and wondering if the meetings will be a better to choice to understand all of the changes.
    From the bit of research I've done online, it looks like the slide rule is no longer being used. I always had one in my purse when I went grocery shopping.
    Is it true you need to buy a calculator now?

  4. debbie koenig

    I'm doing it online right now, Ellen, and I've seen no mention of a calculator! I do think a meeting would be helpful, if you're completely new at this. I'm comfortable doing it online because I attended meetings for so many years before I became a lifetime member. Take a look at the web site and see if it makes sense to you.

  5. Ellen

    I've done WW over the years doing meetings and online, so I'm pretty familiar with the old points system.
    Here's the blog post I found where the calculator is mentioned:

    Glad you're doing this. As soon as I decide which way to join, I'd love to compare notes.

  6. debbie koenig

    Thanks for posting that link, Ellen! Boy, it looks kinda complicated from the meetings-only perspective. Doing it online, or using e-tools in addition to the meetings, you don't need the calculator because there's one on the site. Plug in the fat, carbs, fiber, and protein from the nutrition facts statement, and it gives you the new points value.

  7. Christina

    The stove side iPad wouldn't help you much because the site runs on Flash. Kind of annoying.

  8. debbie koenig

    Oh Christina, I hadn't even thought of that! I must agree–the flash thing is annoying. Muy annoying.

  9. Ellen

    I liked having that slide rule thing with me when I went food shopping, since it helped me decide whether or not to buy something. The calculator appeals to me, but I could make do without it if I decide to do it online. Online's cheaper than the meetings too.

  10. Liz

    OH, man – seriously? vegetables count when you incorporate them into a recipe!?!?!?? I really hadn't noticed that… After a first week loss I managed to GAIN last week, in spite (I think) of having tried pretty hard. Maybe that's why!?! (though I can think of several other reasons, some of which were foil-wrapped, and some of which came chilled, in a glass….) I just don't seem to be able to stay on this thing for more than two consecutive weeks! What's wrong with me?!? I just seem to get frustrated and bored and resentful at having to work so hard at what other people accomplish with apparent ease. Sorry, rant over. I'm feeling sorry for myself!

  11. debbie koenig

    Oh Liz, I'm so sorry you're having a rough time! Each day–heck, each meal–is a new one, so you can always just put your head down & start fresh. Don't stress about what you've already done, just focus on each new day. You can do it!

  12. Rebecca Novick

    Must try this – looks good! Debbie – I'm confused about the cooked vegetable thing too – I just checked on the site and 1) cooked winter squash (1c) is now 0 when it had points before and also 2) a recipe I had saved for pasta sauce which included 2 c of cooked onions converted to count those as 0. No mention at the meeting I went to of what you're saying – was it a bug in the recipe builder?

    Re the calculator – they are instead of the slide rule and cost $5.99.

    I hear you on the strangeness of having to recheck eveything. Like – what do I have for lunch, aargh???

  13. Liz

    Thanks for the support, Debbie! As you say, onwards and upwards! (I stayed the same, in the end, which is probably more than I deserve…. so I need to redouble my efforts this week so that my naughtiness doesn't catch up with me next time!) Tonight I'm going to try quinoa – never made it before!

  14. Natalie

    I was and am very frustrated by the change in points. I was at the point where I could pretty much figure in my head the point value for prepared foods by glancing at the package. Now I'm completely lost. However, I did have 16 points left in the day yesterday that I didn't use and have no idea what happened. I think perhaps that's because I went from having 22 or so points to having almost 35 points to burn through in a day.
    I also find the veggie thing weird as I had 2/3 cups of cooked butternut squash last night for a grand total of 0 points pretty much just like always.
    Liz – try to stick with WW. I am on my 3rd or 4th time on the plan in the last ten years. You really have to embrace a new lifestyle. I've been back on the plan for about 8/9 months and its getting much easier then it used. I do find that when I deny myself things I want I struggle – so don't deny yourself. Find healthy ways to have what you are craving. And remember tomorrow is always a new day. Good Luck!

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